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I am a mother of four who is insanely passionate about raising kids who are responsible, compassionate, curious, ethical and fun. I am often considered a cross between Mary Poppins and a drill sergeant, but who asked? By day, I am a social media enthusiast, Internet marketer, wife, mother, friend, tennis junkie and owner of Wonderfish Creative Solutions.

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While Momma Courageous is For Mommas and By Mommas, there is definitely something for anyone who has considered pulling out her hair, divorcing the kids, or laughing to keep from crying. So if you've braved the unthinkable and lived long enough to tell the world about it, feel free to share your stories about parenting teens with courage and candor here. Together we will survive these years of teenage angst.

Draw Your Own Sun and Win $1,000 for Your School

8th ContinentImage via Wikipedia
Okay, I admit it. Although my lactose intolerant friends and super health-conscious co-workers swear by it, I have never tasted soy milk, and I don't necessarily plan to try it in the near or distant future. Nevertheless,  I couldn't help but get all wrapped up in 8th Continent's newest promotion. The Covina, CA company is urging the world to help them create a new look for their beverage products.

Seems simple enough to me. Visit the site, draw my own "sun" using their interactive interface, and my kids' school could receive $1,000 to support their  art programs. SWEET!

You better believe I jumped at the chance to create. In fact, I turned into a sun drawing fool. My work was sub par to begin with, but with a little practice, I might just generate the winning design.  And just wait until I get my budding artists on the art supplies for the kiddies, indeed.

What are you waiting for? Give it a shot!
Courage, my dear friend, will get you everywhere!
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Mommy-Daughter Super Team (The Making of a Supermodel) Part II

Ok so here we are, the day after Erin's second shoot. It was bitterly cold under the graffiti bridge, but she didn't show any signs of cracking under the pressure. Not only did she go out and absolutely nail this shoot, but she knocked her first shoot out of the box.

It is amazing to watch her come into her own. She is stepping out of the phase of running behind her peers, trying to be accepted. She is rising to greatness, a well deserved honor. I am humbled when I realize God has entrusted me with such a precious gem.

Life has not been easy for us, but the Lord shows us everyday, he has given us all that we need. We are living our best life now, counting our blessings and keeping our hearts in a place to receive the glory and gifts of the Lord.

AskWifey Goes to Disney's Social Media Moms Conference

Okay. I promise not to be jealous. I promise not to be jealous. My good friend Lorraine Sanabria Robertson over at, is probably dusting the sand off her suitcases right now while I'm stuck in the house looking at the remaining mounds of Atlanta snow outside my kitchen window! Wifey and hundreds of other mommy bloggers were living large at Walt Disney's Social Media Moms Conference in Orlando this week, and I'm trying not to have an A-Town 'Tude.

Just think, the first ever, family-friendly social media conference for moms included conference sessions and private parties throughout the 40-square mile entertainment complex. Not only did Wifey and her entire family get to escape the snow and experience the magic of Walt Disney World, they also got to hear from topnotch speakers like Chris Brogan, Guy Kawasaki, Maxine Clark, MaryEllen Hooper, and more.

For a meager $350 she got a hotel room for Feb. 10, 11 & 12 at Walt Disney World, conference sessions, Theme Park tickets for herself and up to three family members during the conference, and select meals for the conference attendee. Gesh! What's a woman gotta do to get in on cool deals like this! Perhaps I need to start hanging out with and The BlogRollers, the social media marketing group Lorraine heads up with her buddy Christie Glascoe Crowder, the head honcho of the popular Chatter Box Show.

Okay, all hateration aside, I can't wait to read AskWifey's blog this week because she always has the best posts and cutest pictures. Next year, I'm soooooooooooooooo there! Don't forget me, Wifey!

Prom Advice: A *Prom Miss is a Prom Mess *

Thanks to Ms. Stylatude, I have the perfect prom advice for would-be prom attendees:

With the 2010 prom season just around the corner, I am going to step in for Stacy and Clinton and offer advice on "What not to Wear." First and foremost, step away from the chiffon, satin, frilly, cream puff dresses. I know this contradicts everything you have read and goes against the grain, but it's time to make a change.

If you don't heed my advice you will be subject to a PROM MISS because you will miss the fashion mark and look back at your pictures and wonder, what was I thinking? So, now that I have addressed what not to wear and the consequences of making a PROM MISS, let's talk about what to wear.

When considering what to wear, follow these steps:

Step 1: determine what color compliments your complexion

Step 2:  identify a style that compliments your body

Step 3:  select a dress that is physique friendly--consider body proportion when deciding on the length, style/fit of your dress. Thick thighs can be concealed with a long dress, if you have Tina Turner legs, go for the short length (to the knee--mini dress only if you can pull it off----i.e. bold, short and svelte).

When selecting a style, think about a dress that can go beyond the prom. There will be other formal events in life and it would be wise to purchase a multi-purpose dress to use for future events. If you are "boobylicious" please forego the strapless and low-cut, cleavagically challenging dresses.

If you can't decide on the style of your dress, do what our first lady Michelle Obama does and opt for the sheath style. This style dress flatters all figures and if you feel it is too plain, embellish with bold, blingy-type accessories.

Also consider fabric when selecting your dress. If you sweat profusely or if you plan to dance and party like a rock star, step away from silk and other fabrics that are heavy and do not breathe. If you must have silk, go for a heavier weight silk like raw silk that maintains its form. The light weight silk has a tendency to attract stains (body lotion, oils, etc.) and requires more maintenance as far as wrinkles and dry cleaning.

Whatever dress you decide on, just let it be an expression of your style. You are allowed to make a personal statement when it comes to your personal style. You know what looks best on you as far as color and style. If not, ask a good friend or relative or think about what you wore that got you the most compliments.

Everyone has stylatude (fashion savvy with attitude) so tap in to yours and rock that prom! Attitude kicks even the worst outfit up a notch, so don't forget the most important accessory of all "stylatude! P.S. Don't leave home without it.

Next blog: Ms. Stylatude's take on finding the perfect shoes, accessories and hairstyle.

Mommy-Daughter Super Team (The Making of a Supermodel)

Time sure does fly when you're having fun. Imagine my surprise when my 13 year old told me she wanted to become a model. Having been in the modeling industry myself, I was a bit apprehensive. Then it dawned on me, she was wanting to follow in my footsteps. At a time when most teenage girls want nothing to do with their parents, here was my child saying Mom, I want to be like you.

So I decided to support her in this endeavor and to walk with her through it. I scheduled her first photo shoot with Atlanta-based photographer Antoine Carmichael, who did a phenomenal job and dedicated his entire day to getting the best shots for us.

I must admit while I thought this first shoot would be a bust, given her lack of experience, she absolutely blew me away. I knew then she was serious. 

Stay tuned... Part 2 of "The Making of a Supermodel" will be posted shortly.-- From Mika L.

Momma Courageous Lands in Hole-istic Heaven

Move over Cupcakes! Shake a leg Scones! There won't be any cute little morsels covered in sprinkles served at Gabrielle's 18th birthday party -- Momma Courageous' new passion is gourmet donuts! Kamal Grant, owner of the hot new spot, Sublime Doughnuts on 10th Street in Atlanta., is going to hook me up with a few special concoctions that would make even a apathetic teenager drool for hours -- Mango glazed, Reese's peanut butter cup, Chocolate Berry, A-town Cream, S'mores and Orange Dream Star varieties are to die for! What's more, I'm ordering them in special shapes to commemorate this special day. Surely I'll be the lunchroom hero when I have these  melt-in-your-mouth morsels delivered to her school on Friday.

I'm so thankful that Grant, a graduate of the prestigious Culinary Institute of America, is unashamedly reintroducing these decadent delights in our American consciousness. On his Web site he declares, "DOUGHNUTS are the street thug of the pastry world; strutting past Cupcake, snatching the cream from Éclair and making Danish 'break bread'."

Very courageous indeed! I love it. Sublime Doughnuts | 535 Tenth Street, Atlanta, GA. 404.897.1801

Paperwork Trumps Prom Parade

I would love to spend the rest of the evening scouring the Web for pretty little dresses for Gabrielle's upcoming prom (I've already received my marching papers...Floor length. Chest in. Back out). I even found this cool upscale consignment shop on the Web that has the most amazing dresses at prices my husband would even give me a high five on.

But....duty calls. Instead of giving way to the reverie, I had to slap myself back to reality. These doggone financial aid forms for college are not going away, and someone has to spill the beans about the cash we need to send our little one off to school in the fall.

I'm embarrassed to say it, but I spent just 10 minutes filling out the CSS preliminary profile before my eyelids began to shut involuntarily like the train doors at Hartsfield International Airport. Gosh. Could they have made this process any more intimidating?

I know. I know. Filling the forms out is way more important than finding frou frou dresses and boutonnieres, but I'd rather have my eyelashes pulled out one by one than do this....okay, I take that back. I'm on track now.  I'm focused. It's Momma Courageous vs. FAFSA! May the best woman win. After all, the last time I checked, no dress ever paid for four years of college.

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